About Us

About Our Denver Print Company

Picking up the pieces from economic difficulties is not always easy. In the summer of 2012, Jeff and Carolyn Fields along with their four children and employees shut the doors to their over 30 year old printing company in Arvada, Colorado.  Carolyn looked at this tragedy as an opportunity to create an internet "One Stop Shop" Denver print company for all customers addressing their Blueprinting, Printing, Promotional and Signage needs. After all, Internet Shopping is where technology is at its best! A click of a button and you can have all your advertising and printing needs delivered right to your door.

So, in the fall of 2012 Carolyn opened Zinger Press, a woman owned Denver print shop serving customers all around the nation. Zinger allows its customers the ease of one stop shopping for all their operational and promotional needs. Her husband Jeff continues his love of printing and is often found typesetting into the late evening to meet their customers deadlines. They both truly love creating that special product that makes all their customers come back to them over and over again.