Why do we do what we do???????

  • Apr 18, 2018

I wonder why we do what we do??? As for us it's just what we love to do!

Carolyn and I (Jeff) have been in the graphics industry for over forty years. Beginning in the newspaper business to today pretty much printing on anything that doesn't move , and even some things that do. In 2012 we began Zinger Press. A full service digital printing company doing everything from business cards to large format banners, blueprints and signs. Then shortly after Carolyn began the promotional items side of our business. She does a whole lot of stuff like Tote bags, Political Items, Signs, Glassware and cups and Custom Apparel. The items are endless. So we have taken the attitude of "If it can be printed on we print it". Her side of the business is growing rapidly with her gutsy moves of a shrewd business woman and a lot of very hard work. Not know ing anything about the business she has learned a whole lot in a very short time and has picked up some pretty impressive customers like Mortenson Construction and University of Colorado DU, to mention a few. She has become the " I'll get it done" go to. When others wouldn't she has made it happen. (A rare thing this day and time).

We have hired a SEO company that seems to be helping our business along. We are just now starting to learn all about key words, blogs, google ads.

Here are some of our key words.

denver custom printing

magnetic vehicle signs

promotional products denver

promotional products

denver print company

and there are many more. I didn't know that this had become such a complicated game. My advise to anyone is go with a highly recommended SEO person and pay the money...it's worth it.

So... are the rush jobs and the stress of deadlines and shipping issues worth it?

To us ..... It's what we do!

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