What is Bulk Branding?

  • May 1, 2018

Who says that Advertising needs to break the bank? It just needs to be done with a sense of purpose. Yes, it is important that people recognize your logo but, more importantly they need to now what you can do for them? With a very modest budget you can advertise using "Bulk Branding "; a key phrase that ZingerPress.com has coined. Bulk Branding is a way to brand your logo and what you do through repetitive print and promotional advertising.

With Bulk Branding you can cover extensive ground that you thought only TV advertising could do. At ZingerPress.com  we will help you create that blanket of advertising needed to brand you and  your service. Maybe you want to increase business in a particular area of your expertise. We have a multitude of options for you to choose from and customized pricing to fit any budget. Here is a small example of what we at Zingerpress.com are Bulk Branding this month. We are advertising one of our key services blueprint printing. As you can see in the enclosed photo we are keeping our message simple but to the point. ZingerPress.com makes blueprinting easy for our customers by offering our easy online upload service or pick-up and they will be delivered in the same day. The bulk branding comes in through the choice of what works best for our company: 1) We are out and about throughout the day so we have created  magnetic vehicle signs with our message, 2) We have created flyers with that same message that our sales team take to potential buyers, 3) We have blanketed the surrounding area's with double sided yard signs. The best part of this is that we have got our message out to our potential customers with a very small investment.